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Cocobolo Lumber

The best calls we receive about our Cocobolo lumber are from first-time customers. They usually call us after they see their order of Cocobolo arrive at their doorstep. Words "Wow" and "Amazing" are usually heard. However, the most rewarding things we hear from customers like you are expressions like, "Now I can made my daughter that special hand-made jewelry box." And, "My mother is going to flip out when she sees the cocobolo utensil and cutting board set I am going to make for her out of this beautiful wood!" When you see your order for the very first time, it will be easy to understand the reactions we receive. Cocobolo IS that special. Before you check our our prices, you might find the following Cocobolo pictures of interest.

If you need raw cocobolo lumber, you've come to the right place. All of our cocobolo lumber is directly imported so you get incredible savings on one of the most regarded exotic hardwoods in the world.


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