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Cocobolo Wood Turning Blanks

The greatest sculptors and artists take blanks and create masterpieces that are both admired and revered. Similarly, wood workers use Cocobolo blanks to create heirloom pieces that are cherished and prized by friends, family, and loved ones. Items made of Cocobolo blanks are also extremely valuable because of the overall quality of the wood. Whether you make a Cocobolo pen, or set of decorative bowls out of Cocobolo, you will be turning this beautiful hardwood into something easily treasured and passed for generations.

Here are some pictures of Cocobolo blanks and some of the items our customers have created with them:

Click on any of the thumbnails above to see a larger version.

As you can see from these pictures, Cocobolo creates some truly spectacular pieces of art. If you're handy with a turning lathe or carving knife, you can turn Cocobolo into a a fancy executive pen, coffee table bowl, or even an exotic mask.

We have the Cocobolo wood selection you need to get started right away.

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Small Quantities

Cocobolo Pen Blanks
(10 pack)
cocobolo pen blanks
5/8x5 $11.95
3/4x5 $13.95
Cocobolo Squares
cocobolo turning square
1x1x12 $3.25
1 1/2x12 $6.50
2x12 $9.50
2 1/2x12 $17.50
3x12 $25.00
Cocobolo Bowl Blanks
cocobolo bowl blanks
2x5x5 $9.75
2x6x6 $14.00


2x8x8 $24.00
3x5x5 $15.50
3x6x6 $22.25
3x7x7 $30.00
3x8x8 $39.50
4x5x5 $23.00
4x6x6 $33.00
4x7x7 $44.50
4x8x8 $58.75

All prices are subject to change without notice.

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